Development of leadership and functional capabilities plays big role in our company, and we offer different learning opportunities both on global and local level. On the global level, we have our learning anchored in five different academies.

  • The Leadership Academy supports the implementation of the strategy by
    • enabling leaders to drive change and lead transformations
    • upgrading capabilities of leader’s pipeline for future roles
    • integrating high-performance culture
    • ensuring leaders act as a role model for Carlsberg behaviours
  • The Commercial Capability Program - provides capability building programs for commercial functions, to further embed the “Growth Story” as our common framework, such Brand & Channel 3Y planning, FIT Sales, Value Management and Beer Knowledge.
  • The Integrated Supply Chain Academy - provides capability building programs focusing on the strategic priorities of the Integrated Supply Chain areas.
  • The Compass Academy - focuses on increasing knowledge of the key compliance areas, where the highest risks for the Carlsberg Group have been identified.      
  • The Finance Academy – aims at increasing knowledge and awareness of our Finance policy, manuals, financial issues and latest developments in International Financial Reporting Standards.

    Learning is a key element in the development and motivation of employees – and especially in talent development.

    Our approach to learning & development is based on a model where we strive for 70% experience, e.g. short or long term assignments; 20% exposure e.g. mentoring, networking, coaching, and finally, 10% from formal learning and training in an action-based and blended format.