Performance: We go above and beyond

We have a passion for performance and take pride in living up to our commitments. We value high performing & inclusive teams that go the extra mile!

We’re a team; wherever you are in the organisation, you will go beyond your job title to help colleagues out.

Our leaders are ready to listen to you and help you make the most of your career. Whether that’s growing your network or broadening your skills. Be prepared for a breadth of  opportunities to test your knowledge and stretch your abilities.

At the end of the day, there’s a balance between work and play. Friendly, open and honest - we enjoy a beer together when the work is done.

Pride: We proudly trust our brands

We’re a global business, powered by strong local and international brands. Passionate about our products; our brands create moments that bring people together all over the world.

Our people understand consumer needs like no-one else. They have the freedom to make their own decisions, supporting our Group strategy.

Across borders, roles and business functions, we all share an understanding and a commitment to everything we do.

That’s how we’ll achieve our ambitious goals – from Together Towards Zero & Beyond to becoming the most successful, professional and attractive brewer in our markets.

Purpose: We look back to move forward

Our founders believed in quality, research, and serving the community. They looked to the future, prizing long-term growth over short-term gain.

Over the years, these shared values have evolved to form our purpose: to brew more sustainably and make society better as we grow.

Imagination and innovative thinking are in our DNA. We won’t rest on past inventions; we’ll strive to do more for the world, and do it responsibly.

At Carlsberg, we make a difference. Diverse people with diverse skills, working together and at speed. Navigating changes in society, technology and consumer preferences.